Patut la nampak DIA aritu....

2009 Knowledge Fair, 29th – 31st July 2009

Highlights of the special Knowledge Fair awaiting you for 3 exciting days:

Book Sale
In Conjunction with the Bank’s 50th Anniversary, Enjoy 50% discount !

Book Talks By:
(Kevin Zahri, Jamilah Samian & Yasmin Siddik)

Talks On:
(Health, Art & Cyber Security)

(Learning Styles, Endurance Test, Flexibility Test & Strength Test)

Prizes To Be Given Away:
(At each activity that you participate)

Grand Lucky Draw Prizes To Be Won:
(Netbook, iPods, External drives, Wireless Mouse)

Eligibility for Lucky Draw
(Passport stamped At 6 Main Ports & 3 Event Ports)

Nota Jemari: patut la aritu nampak KEVIN kat opis ni.... huhu


  1. oo ptut le jumpa 'dia' hrtu..hehehehe

  2. so kali ni..ko amik gambar ngan dia byk2 k..nnt tunjuk kat aku ngan kak een..maklomla..kami tak ada di hari kejadian nnt kan..

  3. Lin,
    tu la pasal kan.. :-)

    i malu u.... kowang takde keMALUan ako terserlah sket wkakkaka


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