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Tips Penjagaan Duit Kertas Polimer

Ako baca artikel ni yang dipublish di laman sesawang opis ako.
Ako rasa sangat berguna artikel ni, maka ako suka sesangat nak share dengan kowang sumer.
Info yang berguna elok dikongsi dan diwar-warkan bersama, betul tak?!
Harap ianya serba sedikit dapat membantu kowang bagaimana nak jaga duit kertas polimer dengan cara yang betul, k ;-)


Polymer banknotes were introduced in the new Malaysian currency series for the RM1 and RM 5 denomination. Some of the features of polymers banknotes are :
  1. It does not absorb water and other liquids.
  2. It is non-fibrous - therefore does not break- easily with repeated folding.
  3. It is difficult to tear. However, once there is a tear, the polymer banknote will rip easily.
  4. It does not stain or accumulate dirt easily. It is also more hygienic as it minimizes bacterial growth.
  5. Stronger and more durable than paper banknotes.
  6. Difficult, time consuming and costly to counterfeit.
We would like to share the following tips to ensure that the polymer banknotes are handled correctly. These tips will not only extend the polymer banknotes' life span, but will also save the Bank's resources and cost in managing the supply and circulation of the banknotes. We hope you will be able to share these handling tips with your family members and friends.

What To Do
  1. Keep the polymer banknotes flat in your wallet. The banknotes should not be folded as it will leave a permanent crease.

  2. Use paper bands when packing polymer banknotes.

  3. Stained polymer banknotes can be cleaned with soap and cold water.

What Not To Do
  1. Do not expose the polymer banknote to direct heat or high temperatures.

  2. Do not fold the polymer banknote repeatedly e.g using it for decorative or leisure activities.

  3. Do not use rubber bands to bundle the polymer banknotes during packing.

  4. Do not use staples or pins on the polymer banknotes.

  5. Do not use scissors, knife or any sharp edged instruments to unpack polymer banknotes.

Sumber: kijangnet portal.

Nota Jemari: Duit kita, nyawa kita juga kan, so kena la jaga lek lok ye ;-)


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