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Check inbox FB, received from Nadhirah aka otakbelacan.
Apa khabaq semua. Selamat hujung minggu ek. :)
My blogshop is doing a charity project in aid to help the Haitians recover from the recent earthquake disaster. As of yesterday, reports shows that there's a confirmed death toll of 170,000 deaths, about 250,000 people sustained injuries, and as many as one million Haitians were left homeless.

Please lend us your support in our pledge to help them by buying our tees for just $15/RM25 or you could help to spread the word around. All net proceeds from this project will go to Haiti. Let's make a difference today and put a smile on someone. :)

Nad nak mintak tolong you all semua if you can help me to blog about this. Buat satu entry on Monday to support, boleh tak? Jun, leh letak kat blog msjbox tak? :) For Malaysians, harga 1 tshirt is RM25, delivery included. Macam yang nad kata, I don't take any profits and all proceeds will go to Haiti.

For Malaysian, the donation will go to Malaysian Red Crescent Society yg ada specialize funds for Haiti. ( Kalau nak order, just sms or email nad k? Skali order ramai-ramai pun cun jugak. I will give the maybank acct details later for payment..

Terima kasih semua. Tuhan sajalah yang akan membalas jasa budi baik anda. Majulah Malaysia dan Singapura untuk Haiti. :)

Tolong-menolong amalan mulia. Ako dah order 2 helai. Kowang, apa tunggu lagi jom membeli sambel menderma. Amal jariah amalan mulia.

ps: refer here for more details

Nota Jemari: Arini kita tolong mereka, esok lusa ada yang menolong kita balik..

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