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Selamat Hari Raya


Dah la pagi ni ako half day...
Harap-harap masih sempat la ye nak beramas mesra ngan kowang sebelum kowang sumer pulang ke kampung halaman...

Ok ok..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat kowang pembaca blog "Ako Tetap Ako"..
Maaf zahir batin andai ada terkasar bahasa, terkasar entry dan sewaktu dengannya.
Harap-harap lepas raya dapat collect duit raya banyak-banyak.

Pada yang bakal memandu, berhati-hati di jalan raya.
Ingat kami yang tersayang..heheh..

Akhir kata,
Maju lah RAYA untuk NEGARA!!!

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Nota Jemari: Klu beraya kat KL, meh la datang ghomah ;-)
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Sape yang hantar ni weii???

Dapat kad raya lagi!
Wah bagus laa..
Klu setiap kali puasa, setiap kali dapat kad raya,
rasa nya zaman menghantar dan menerima kad raya boleh dikekalkan ni.

Tapi klu kowang bagi kad raya, jangan plak kowang tulih sket pastu just sign jer.
Sekurang-kurangnya mention la nama kowang.
So takde la si penerima tertanya-tanya, 
bertanya-tanya orang sekeliling siapa yang hantar kad raya tu.

Jenuh weii, nak pusing satu opis tanya sengsorang sape yang hantar.
Silap haribulan kang, tukang cuci yang hantar.
So nak lak juga si penerima ucap terima kasih.
Sebab susah-susah bagi ingatan buat mereka.

"weii baik kowang cakap, sape yang hantar kad raya ni???!!!"

Ako dah penat dah tanya sowang-sowang.
Abih sumer takmoh ngaku ni.

Nak cakap secret admire.
Apa jadah AKO, EEN & FARIHAH sekaligus secret admire yang sama kah??!!

Camne nak bermaaf-maafan ni, klu si penerima cam berbelah bagi nak terima kata-kata ucapan dalam kad raya tu?!!

Nota Jemari: ikhlas ke tak ni?!!
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Jawatan Kosong

Entry ni memang khas ako iklan kan beberapa jawatan kosong.
Harap maklum, bukan kat opis ako ye tapi kat opis en shaizhar iaitu di Carimin Sdn Bhd.
Company apa, sila rerajin google ye.

Jom tengok memana jawatan yang sesuai ngan kowang, anak, laki, bini, sedara mara, atok pakcik makcik dan sewaktu dengan nya.

Jawatan 1: Secretary to Managing Director
  •          Candidate must possess at least Diploma/Degree/Certificate in Secretarial from University or any Professional Bodies
  •          Female candidate with 2-3years experience in secretarial duty with positive attitude and pleasant personality.
  •          Skilled User of Microsoft Office-Words-Excel-PowerPoint.
  •          Dedicated and meticulous to detail on all paper assignment, correspondence and documentation
  •          Able to work independently with minimum supervision.
  •          Proficient in English and Bahasa Malaysia both spoken and written.
  •          Dynamic, analytical, positive, charismatic and intelligent. .

 Job responsibilities;
  •          Responsible to the Managing Director for secretarial, reception and confidential record keeping duties.
  •          Demonstrating high degree of professionalism, initiative and independence in supporting the MD Office.
  •          Assisting the MD in timely management of all communication and monitoring follow-up which require answer, response and written replies.
  •          Coordinate meetings, take down minutes of meeting and assist/monitoring follow-up action items for the MD.
  •          Evaluate validity of documents/reports and make investigation to reconcile differences for MD decision/approval. 

Jawatan 2: Cost Controller (3 vacancies) - area KL (RM1500-RM1800)
  • Possess at least Certificate/Diploma in Accounting/Finance/Commerce or LCCI higher
  •  Proficient in English and Bahasa Malaysia both spoken and written.
  • Computer literate and good in MS Word and Excel.
  • Proactive, self motivated, charismatic, initiative, pleasant personality, quick learner and has good communication and negotiation skills.
Job responsibilities : 
  •          Primarily to assist lead cost controller in handling all invoicing & cost control activities with regards to contractual obligation to our client and ensure billing were done consistent with contractual term.
  •          Monitoring budget allocated is sufficient throughout the project duration and notified respective client of any insufficient budget.
  •          Liaise with client representative with regards to approval, dispute and payment of all submitted invoice.
  •          Preparation of any additional report as required either by the management or client.

Jawatan 3: HR Officer
  • Able to lead a team and to handle the HR day to day operations.
  • Well verse in Labour Laws.
  • Should have good communication skills and writting skills.
  • Should have good working knowledge in compensation and benefits, ER & IR is an added advantage.
  • To assist in Training Administration – training requisition, training payment, attendance, confirmation, HRDF application and claims, training records e.g recording attendance, collecting certificates.
  • Assist in ad-hoc assignments from time to time.
  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Advance/Higher Diploma or Degree in Human Resource.
  • Have at least 2 years experience as a generalist.
  • Proficient in English and Bahasa Malaysia both spoken and written.
  • Computer literate , MS Word and Excel
  • Able to work independently under minimum supervision
  • Dynamic, proactive, self motivated, charismatic, pleasant personality and has good communication and negotiation skills.
  • Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold relevant residence status.
Jawatan 4: Procurement Analyst
Procurement Analyst – 2 pax
·         Minimum 5 years experience in oil & gas industry. Familiar with procurement of hook-up & commissioning work
·         Qualification degree in engineering

Procurement Analyst (Junior) – 2 pax
·         Fresh graduate with engineering degree


·   Sourcing and procurement of company’s materials
·   Sourcing of materials, equipments and services
·   Sending out RFQ for competitive bidding
·   Evaluation of quotations for approval
·   Preparation of purchase orders and price agreements
·   Selections of reliable supplier based on their experience and track records
·   Liaise with operation engineers to ensure that material quoted comply with specifications
·   Ensure timely delivery of materials via planning and expediting
·   Determine the best mode of transportation to suit the urgency of the requirement
·   Preparation of materials tracking spread sheet
·   Maintain high ethical business relationship with suppliers
·   Any other tasks requested by superior
·   Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold relevant residence status.

Interested candidates are invited to fax or send a detailed resume to us at the following address. Kindly state your current and expected salary. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

CARIMIN Group of Companies
Unit B-1-6, Megan Avenue 1
189 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2168 7014                           
Fax No: 03-21642199

Name :  Mr. Shaizhar Bin Abu Bakar
E Mail :  recruitment@carimin.com

Nota Jemari: Boleh la war-warkan ye, terima kasih.

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Kerja kosong @ Nuffnang and Churp Churp

Dear Nuffnanger,

Here at Nuffnang and our sister company Churp Churp, we love doing what we do, which is to bring bloggers and Churpers together and reward all of you with awesome campaigns, events and contests!

Thanks to the never-ending support from all of you, the Nuffnang and Churp Churp families are rapidly expanding, and we need a few more Nuffies and Churpies in our office so that we can continue doing the best for the community. And when it came to expanding our family, we thought – hey, who better to join Nuffnang and Churp Churp than people from our community, who are already passionate about social media? :)

We’re hiring, Nuffnangers! :D We need to fill in a few vacancies as below:
- Media Sales (Nom Nom Media)
- Media Sales (Churp Churp)
- Community Executive (Churp Churp)
Interested in applying for one of the vacancies? Read on to see if you fit the bill for the career you’re aiming for!

Do all your friends unanimously agree that you’re the extrovert in the gang? If the answer is yes, you’ll fit in just well here! Media Sales Nuffies are at the frontline of Nuffnang & Churp Churp, spending their days out of the office meeting potential clients and pitching exciting ideas for social media campaigns to them. You’ll essentially be the person bringing in the clients and growing the Nuffnang & Churp Churp business, so you gotta be one tough cookie! You’ll need to work well under pressure and in the face rejection, all while exuding confidence like a pro.

- Meeting and building rapport with potential clients
- Pitching and preparing creative proposals and presentations for exciting campaigns
- Researching and preparing case studies on cool ideas for potential client’s ad campaigns 
- Overseeing the execution of your social media advertising campaigns
- Liaising with and coordinating Nuffnangers & Churpers engaged for advertising campaigns
- Attending to client’s needs on social media campaigns 
- Seek creative ways by researching and networking to bring in digital advertising revenue for the company

- Candidates must possess at least a "A" Level/Pre-U, Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree in any field.
- Fresh graduates between the age of 21- 28 are welcome to apply.
- Must be able to write and converse fluently in English.
- Possess own transport.
- Articulate with good communication and presentation skills.
- Self-motivated, target driven and able to work independently.
- Must possess some knowledge in Social Media Advertising.
- Good team player with a proactive attitude.
- Dynamic, bubbly and have passion for the media industry.
- Preferably Junior & Senior executives specializing in Advertising/Media Planning or equivalent.
- Application only open to citizens or PR holders.

If you love meeting new people, planning events and are active on social media, look no further for the perfect job! Community Relations staffs spend a lot of their time planning community events for the Nuffnang/ChurpChurp communities, liaising with Nuffnangers and Churpers on everything from events that members of the communities are invited to, or just attending to any questions bloggers and Churpers might have.

- Being the direct contact point for Nuffnangers/Churpers – maintaining good relations & liaising directly with them
- Planning and organizing events, seminars/workshops, parties, movie screenings and the like for Nuffnangers/Churpers
- Identify potential partners and manage Nuffnang/Churp Churp’s partners in events, campaigns, charity campaigns and initiatives 
- Maintaining all communication platforms with bloggers/Churpers (the official blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts)
- Managing the micro-communities in Nuffnang & Churp Churp (e.g. Glitterati Plus, Evangelist Programs) 
- Creating content for the Nuffnang & Churp Churp official homepage
- Attending to bloggers’/Churpers’ enquiries via the helpdesk
- Attending post-mortem meetings, preparing reports on events and campaigns and liaising with clients and sales team on performance of initiatives. 

- Candidates must possess at least a "A" Level/Pre-U, Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree, any field.
- Fresh graduates between the age of 21- 28 are welcome to apply.
- Must be able to write and converse fluently in English.
- Articulate, with good communication and presentation skills.
- Self-motivated, target driven and able to work independently.
- Must possess some knowledge of social media.
- Good team player with a proactive attitude.
- Dynamic, bubbly and have passion for the media industry.
- Must be willing to work after standard working hours and on weekends when occasional events/activities are being held. 
- Application only open to citizens or PR holders.

Reckon you’re the perfect candidate for one of the openings above? Write in to mycareer@netccentric.com and state the position you’re applying for in the subject of the email, and you may also attach a copy of your CV.

Hurry and send in your application today! Come on and join us, we're a lot of fun, we promise ;)

Teoh Xinxian
Senior Community Executive
Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.

Nota Jemari: Anyone interested, boleh try apply k ;-)
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Baju Kak Limah atau baju Kak Gayah??


Mood beraya terus jatuh merundum!
Sejajar dengan jatuhnya indek KLCI kita pada ari ni.


Yang mampu hanya lah


Yang depan baju lama.
Baju raya tahun lepas.
Ako soh ikut saiz baju yang depan tu.

Tapi cuba lihat hasilnya.
Baju belakang sepatut jadi baju raya untuk tahun ni.
Bape inci dah perbezaan kelebaran dan kebesaran baju itu??!!


Cer bayangkan klu tang ketiak je dah jelas perbezaan nya,
klu dipakai harus la dah ghope pinjam baju kak limah gaya nya.
Gedobos sudah.

Huwaaa tension!!
Bukan selai tapi dedua helai ako hantar, ghope gitu juga dia jahit.
Adoiyaaaiii takkan nak beli baju lagi?
Melayang lagi RM dibuatnya.


"awak, kita nak baju baru, peliss!!"

Nota Jemari: time2 gini teringat kat arwah MAK. Klu arwah ada, konpom dia dah tolong oter balik.. al-fatihah ;(
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Dah tukar duit raya?

Kowang dah tukar duit raya?
arini, kat opis tengah sibuk sana sini orang dok menukar duit raya.
Eh eh bukan sesuka tukar je.
Kena booking dulu.

Minggu lepas booking, arini dah dapat.

Tengok betapa siyes nya muka kawan nan satu ni mengira duit.
Tu baru kira jumlah yang dia tukar.

Yang ako ni plak tak pasal-pasal jadi tukang kutip duit dan tukang tukar duit.
Bukan sorang dua.
Bukan tukar seratus dua ratus.
Ada yang tukar beribu-riban.

Naik juling biji mata dok mengira.
Kang silap kira tak pasal-pasal ako juga yang kena.

Kowang camne plak?
Dah tukar ke duit raya nya?
Boleh ako datang bertandang.
Agak2 bole dapat angpau lagi tak :p?

Nota Jemari: bila diri dikelilingi duit, ya ampun bau yang busuk menusuk idong.. fengsan!!
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Kan aritu ako dah mention pasal photo challenge ni kan.
So, derang dah ready dah mende yang kena buat.
Tak yah bebel panjang lebar.
Jom layan syarat-syarat dan apa yang perlu kowang buat!!!


A) Setiap gambar MESTI ada Blogger.
B) Setiap gambar MESTI pegang/letak/lekat kertas A4 tulis "PHOTO CHALLENGE BALIK RAYA 2011". 
C) Setiap gambar MESTI kena pakai baju raya. 

Note : Kalau takde salah satu syarat diatas ni, masih bleh teruskan, tapi tolak markah la. 


Idea Biqque.
1)Blogger bergambar sebelah/dengan polis sambil makan kuih raya.
 Kalo polis tu tengah bertugas dan tak leh makan, korang je yang makan. Tapi kalo polis tu makan skali, bonus disitu. 

2)Blogger buat huruf “RAYA” dengan tubuh badan. Boleh guna orang lain untuk tolong Blogger dan boleh combine gambar setiap huruf yang dibuat. 

3)Blogger bergambar depan rumah kampung yang kosong sambil pegang buluh lemang. Kalo rumah kampung tu nampak spooky, lagi bagus. 

4)Blogger bergambar tepi highway dan mesti nampak jalan highway tu serta kereta yang tengah bergerak. Kawasan R&R tidak dibenarkan sama sekali ye. 

5)Blogger main papan gelongsor sambil makan ketupat nasik. Lagi besar papan gelongsor tu, lagi banyak markah korang dapat. 

Idea Chawana. 
6)Blogger menjadi nelayan yang tengah memancing/menjala mengunakan umpan kuih raya di tepi tasik/sungai/laut. Pepandai la korang, aku tatau! 

7)Blogger menjadi SUPERHERO RAYA dengan memakai pakaian raya. Kena la nampakkan kan ciri-ciri superhero tu walaupun baju tu baju raya. Ikut creativity masing-masing. 

8)Blogger mengayuh basikal sambil junjung sebalang kuih raya di atas kepala.Kaki tak leh pijak tanah ok! 

9)Blogger bermain tanglung (lantern) di waktu malam di hadapan orang bakar lemang. Tanglung boleh buat sendiri, atau beli kat kedai apek mana-mana. Kedai sembahyang cina pun ada. Hahaha! 

10)Blogger sedang makan juadah hari raya (lemang/ketupat/rendang/kuih raya) di atas pokok, sambil sebelah tangan pegang senduk nasi. Ha amik korang, gambar penutup! 

Ingat! Semua aksi-aksi diatas, mesti ada tiga syarat utama tu. Jangan lupa tau! If tanak lupa, sila PRINT post ni sebelum balik raya :D 

Blogger kena publish post bertajuk “PHOTO CHALLENGE BALIK RAYA 2011”dan letak 10 tajuk challenges dan gambar, pada Rabu (7 Sept 2011) sebelum jam 12.00 tengah hari.
 Sila tinggalkan link post korang kat post ni. Sini je tau! 

Keputusan para pemenang akan diumumkan pada Isnin (12 Sept 2011) jam 12.00 tengah hari. 

Segala keputusan adalah muktamad. Takde rayu-rayu dah. Titik! Hehehe! 





*Tiket/voucher could be in various of medium/method/form. Jangan main-mainnnn... 
*Tiket/voucher adalah tertakluk pada harga, tempat dan ehsan pihak penganjur. 
*Tiket/voucher mungkin akan ditambah mengikut tahap sambutan dan ke-excited-an pihak penganjur. 


Ni sample tahun lepas kalo korang nak kaji, susah ke tak nak buat challenges ni...bleh nyer lahhhhh! 
Biqque (tengok keta apa aku basuh, keta mainan je...) 
Chawana (tengok balai polis nyer, bukan beso pun...) 
Laney (tengok la yang menang tu...si Laney, sedap-sedap je pi Yanggon hahaha!) 
Lin (tengok, takde ayam kat kampung, dia gi pasar...senang jeeeee) 
Amacam, teruja tak?
Excited kan?!
Ako excited tang hadiah nya tu..

Aduh jenuh gak nak pk camne nak hasilkan photo macam yang derang nak ni...
Anyone nak jadi partner ako?
Untung-untung, kita bahagi sama rata :p

Nota Jemari: sesape je boleh join k...  Details kowang leh tengok kat sini.
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Promosi Sweetree @ Everyday.com.my

Yuhuuuu kowangg!!
Peminat makanan korea, apa kata kowang jengah kat website everyday.com.my sekarang juga.
Ada promosi 50% off Korean Set Meal berharga RM15.90 sahaja.

Coupon Terms
  • Multiple coupons can be purchased
  • 1 coupon can be used by 2 persons
  • 1 day prior reservation required
  • Coupon is applicable from Monday to Saturday
  • Coupon can be used on Public Holidays
  • Coupon validity starts from 2nd Sept - 2nd Dec 2011
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.

Apa tunggu lagi!
Cepat sebelum terlambat!

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?

Choose between the below two:
  • Korean BBQ (Beef only) + Rice + Lettuce + Kimchi Stew + Kimchi (side dish) 
  • Dolsot Bibimbab + Kimchi Stew + Kimchi (side dish) +  Drink

Nota Jemari: sape aritu cari bibimbab???
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