Apa kes nih????? - Ako Tetap Ako

Apa kes nih?????

Sodep n amad gaduh???

LIN mengamuk bila sodep mau memukul anak kesayangan nya...

Erkk.... apa kes nih???

Nota Jemari: takmoh gado2.. yok makan gado2, nak?


  1. ala gaduh2 sayang je tu...marah2 pun sayang...sapa nk gaduh dgn sodep tu???adehhh kang di lenyek je aku kang..keh3

  2. can you email me: mcbratz-girl@hotmail.co.uk, i have some question wanna ask you.thanks

  3. I think I come to the right place, because for a long time do not see such a good thing the!


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