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Drama Chinese New Year

26 Jan 09
8tv : 8.30 pm
Shop 'til you drop in this snazzy comedy starring Cecilia Cheung as Fong Fong.
Fong is a super-Shopaholic who has landed herself into some serious debt. She seeks the help of Choosey (Lau Ching Wan), a psychiatrist who has hilarious psychological issues of his own. Enter billionaire Richie (Jordan Chan), a competitive shopaholic whose habit is to only buy what others want. Both men develop feelings for Fong, but will she pick money over moral matter? The Shopaholics is a hilarious love-triangle that begs the age old question: Can money buy true love?
Starring: Cecilia Cheung, Lau Ching Wan, Ella Koon, Jordan Chan

Ekceli drama ni dah ulang banyak kali cuma arini ako tergerak nak tengok sampai abesh..
Yupp drama ni penuh psikologi. Ako kan suker bab2 psiko nih..
Lain dari yang lain. Mencari cinta sebenar melalui kaedah psikologi tapi klu kat msia mmg konpom x logik la nak buat kan. Cuma mana le tahu kot2 ada plak adegan camtu kat msia nih.. Dah nama pun 'psikologi' kan?!

Klu kowang tgk dari mula, konpom kowang paham. Nak soh ako citer??? Idok le ako mampu nak citer yek... Tengok n layan sendiri.. Nama pun psiko *bluwek*

Nota Jemari: psiko psiko psiko


  1. jgn saiko diri sendiri udah lah yer :D

  2. hahhaha saiko che mat je la , buleh... :-D


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