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He, Who Can't Get Married


Cho Jae Hee is a man in his 40s who is very stubborn and hasn’t gotten married yet. His personality is so unbearable that women don’t find him attractable nor a good candidate for marriage. However, Jae Hee, is perfect in everything that he does. His life will be surrounded by three different women. Jang Moon Jung is a doctor that he meets one day, Jung Yoo Jin is his neighbor whom he meets due to a disturbance, and Yang Jung Ah is his colleague at work.


Ji Jin Hee as Cho Jae Hee
Uhm Jung Hwa as Jang Moon Jung
Kim So Eun as Jung Yoo Jin
Yoo Ah In as Park Hyun Kyu
Yang Jung Ah as Yoon Ki Ran


Pada kowang yang memang minat drama2 korea ni, ako nak suggest kowang tengok citer ni. Ako dah layan 2 episod. Sangat2 menarek!!! Ada astro? Ada channel KBS 303? Ha apa susah, malam ni jam 9 malam di channel 303, jom layan!!

Citer berkenaan seorang lelaki yang berusia 40 tahun tapi masih SINGLE kerna dia percaya hidup SOLO lebih baik daripada BERDUA!!..

Kowang suka, so apa tunggu lagi, jom tengok!

Nota Jemari: jap lagi ako nak dok depan tibi sambel kunyah popcorn..*ye la tu..*

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