Children's Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of October annually. In conjunction with this, Museum, Art Gallery & KMC (MAGKMC) has taken the opportunity to organise Children's Day at the Museum, for the first time, and it will be held for somewhat longer than one day - from early October until end of November. The theme for Children's Day at the Museum is "Imagine, Participate and Create". Among the exciting activities are:
  • Si Kijang Money Box
  • My Art Bag
  • Si Kijang Puzzle Race
  • Currency Collecting: Hobby and Heritage

Since MAGKMC is expecting a large response, we are looking for volunteers to assist in facilitating the activities offered. We encourage BNM staff to register their friends and family members aged between 16 and 30 years old to be volunteers. All will receive full training and will be supported by a strong and friendly team.

Join us by filling in the form attached and sending it to for fun-filled activities and benefits galore!

For further information, please contact:

Mohd Fakhrullah Jamlus (mafakrul) - 03 - 9179 2752
Siti Atina Muhamad Yusuf (matina) - 03 - 9179 2768

#Untuk dapatkan borang pendaftaran, boleh hantar email ke
Perhatian, hanya yang minta borang sahaja akan dibalas. Sebarang pertanyaan dengan lebih lanjut, sila berhubung dengan penama-penama di atas. Terima kasih.

Nota Jemari:  Ini adalah aktiviti sukarela, tiada bayaran akan dibuat. Harap maklum! ;-)