Tribute Page to Mrs Dawn Parry

Tribute Page to Mrs Dawn Parry

This entry is specially dedicated to ALL ex-SIGSan students no matter who you are, where are you now. For those who does not have FB account and still do not alert what is going on right now, so as a part of SIGS's family, it'll be honour for me to annouce here that our lovely the best ex-PENGETUA just passed away last few days. They are going to set up a tribute page for Mrs Parry's family to read the words from all Mrs Parry's former students.

So gals, don't miss it!!
Dear All,

Thank you so much for the kind words and tributes. I just got off the phone with Mrs Parry's daughter - Dr Adeline Tan. I informed her that we've set up a tribute page and we would like her and Mrs Parry's family to read the words from all Mrs Parry's former students.

Dr Adeline will arrange to have her 20 year old daughter Joanna Loh to get onto this Tribute Page so that the family will have access to these wonderful words/tributes.

As an update, Dr Adeline is planning for a MEMORIAL sometime in JULY 2010 where they will have a 'celebration of life' and invite as many as possible to attend. Please share this with everyone you know from SIGS. I will keep all informed in due course

Valerie Cheah

Nota Jemari: walau tak kenal tapi sebab dia lah nama SIGS terkenal suatu waktu dulu.. PROUD to be SIGS gals

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  1. really??well, i know her.part of sigs history that i proud

  2. salam....sedih...saya memang sempat dengan beliau sebagai pengetua


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