Departmental Recognition Award and Farewell Ceremony

Email dari Admin unit,

Dear all,

Please be informed that we will be having our Departmental Recognition Award and Farewell ceremony for our colleagues, today, as per details below.

Venue : 12B "Dining Area"

12.20pm - Arrival of guest

12.30pm - Recognition Award Giving

12.45pm - Farewell

Your attendance is compulsory.

Thank you.

Admin Unit

Nota Jemari: Lunch.... makan FREE lagi... murah rezeki dan bertambah-tambah murah lemak kat badan !!


  1. meh hanta sini, kakRet diet :p kekeke...

  2. wanie & ch@,

    makan FREE mmg syiOkkk tapi nak elak mengemOk tu yang mcm erkkk... ermm....


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