Biqque's March Lucky Follower

Phew.. seb baek tak terlepas!!

OK biqque, again, i'll join your 'lucky follower contest!'
Yeah. it's March already eh?!
Don't wanna missed this contest too.
So here i am.

psst... aha la that was my school badge hehe... *wink*

Nota Jemari: Anyone nak join? Jom laaa.... Just click here k ;-) Gud Luck!


  1. benda ni akan kuar ujung mingu setiap bulan :D nanti2kanlah hahaha!

  2. mcm mana nak bt copy save mcm ni yek..aku bt brp kali x jd..bodoh betul le aku ni...huhuhu siannnnnn

  3. ko print screen dl, pastu ko buka paint n paste kat situ.. then ko crop laaa..

    pastu ko edit sket kasi bulat kan gmbr id ko ;)

    tak pun try tanya 'kakak' or yana.. dia musti tau


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