The best time to humble brag to fresh grads.

While at it, remember to share the news with your friends and family that our KGP is now open for application. Tell them to head on to our careers portal @ for more information and to submit applications. 

If you know those who are eager to learn more about Kijang Graduate Programme, ask them to join our KGP Webinar on BNM FB and LinkedIn at 5.00pm today

Psst! Application closes on 28th February 2023. Tell them don't be late, k?

Nota Jeamri: Ingat lagi tak last time ako ada citer pasal Program ni? Skrg dah buka balik untuk pendaftaran, so apa tunggu lagi! Buat korang yang baru je grad dan tengah nak cari kerja, boleh join program ni k... All the best!!