Park Yong-Ha found DEAD

Actor and singer Park Yong-ha, known for his roles in “Winter Sonata” and “On Air”, was found dead in Seoul NonHyundong on June 30, 2010.

The police are currently still investigating but the body was found hanging from a rope or an object similar to it, indicating that he most likely hung himself. The reasons for his death are unknown and a will hasn’t been found. But many speculate that his father’s battle with stomach cancer, business troubles after setting up his own management company, and his own 14 year old battle with insomnia may have been reasons for his passing.

The Hallyu star, especially beloved by fans in Japan, was going to make a comeback to television this fall in a new drama titled “Love Song” with Yoon Eun-hye. It is very sad and unfortunate that fans will not be able to see the talented star perform in the future ever again.

Rest in peace, Park Yong-ha.
Oh tidakkkk... ako sangat suker tengok dia.
Adehh lepas ni musti rindu nak tengok muka dia yang comei dalam senyuman...

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  1. lah...sian nya...ramai pelakon korea yg mati sbb bunuh diri kan? adakah mereka tertekan?

  2. tu la kan...
    rugi nya derang nih..
    ada bakat, agaknya tu la tertekan dengan kehidupan..

    kan kat sana sumer nya mahal-nahal belaka...taraf hidup pun agak tinggi la juga.. alaahaiii sayang nya..

  3. muahahahaa... :-D suker kah itu actor :p


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