Lunch treat!!

Dear friends,

I am sure most of you have heard that I will be leaving for my Masters very soon. How time flies! It is nearly 7 years since I first joined the Bank and JASM. Wow! It is with great pleasure to invite all of you to a simple lunch on 7 July (Tues) at 1245pm, Lanai Cafe, mainly to thank you for your comrade-ship in our FFMSS family. Also, it is a time that we can celebrate our first-half of 2009 together as a team. Looking forward. Many thanks!

ex 79xx

Patut nya makan-makan ni semalam tapi tup2 ada orang lain mau banjer, maka makan2 ni ditunda pada tengahari ari ini.

Gonna miss my manager... Sape la yang bakal ganti manager ako nanti? huhu

Nota Jemari: adeh silih berganti


  1. makan lagikkk adeiii ko makain tembam le gamaknye....heheheh

  2. tau xpe huwargggg....
    adussss mgu depan ako nak start diet balik.. poser kot..


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