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Korean Drama : ALICE (2020)

Akhirnyaaa abis juga drama yang satu ni.
Jenuh nak tunggu episod akhir.
Banyak sangat konflik.
Kalau korang minat genre sci-fiction, ha bole la layan drama korea ni.

In 2050, the organization Alice was formed as a way for humans to travel into another time and parallel world. Soon, however, the "Book of Prophecy" was discovered which predicted the end of travelers. In an attempt to prevent the book from falling into the wrong hands, Alice sends Yoo Min Hyuk and Yoon Tae Yi to 1992 to retrieve it from the last known keeper of the book. It was during this mission that Tae Yi realized she was pregnant with Yoo Min Hyuk's child and decided to stay to raise their child and hid from Yoo Min Hyuk by changing her name to Park Sun Young.
Park Jin Gyeom, the son of Park Sun Young, is a successful detective in 2020. His path crossed with the Yoon Tae Yi of this world, a physics professor specializing in quantum and temporal mechanics, and who looks exactly like his mother. The meeting of Park Jin Gyeom and Yoon Tae Yi was the start of their journey into rediscovering the Book of Prophecy and their search for answers.
(Source: Snoworld at MyDramaList)

Ako bukan pengemar genre yang sebegini tapi sebab kan yg ni tak banyak konflik pasal percintaan, so ako tertarik nak layan. Tapi citer ni memang kena tengok setiap episod, kalau termiss takut korang tak paham nanti.

Untuk korang yang nak layan, selamat menonton! 😁

Nota Jemari: Oh ye ini bukan drama "Alice in Borderland" ye hehehe...


  1. wow drama baru ke ni? lama xtengok joo won berlakon.

    salam singgah sis :)

    1. aha drama start end year 2020....
      Sila la layan... kan lama x tgk dia berlakon hehe

  2. Tulah, ingatkan tadi alice in the borderland, hahaha

    1. hahahaha sebab ramai tanya alice in borderland so b4 org salah drama, awal2 kena alert dulu hehehe

  3. Nanti laa tengok, kena ajak Kakak ni, tapi takut Kakak tak minat hahahaha

    1. hahahah ngan kakak, ko try ajak dia tgk Partner for Justice ... ako suka tgk dia bedah2 mayat tu hahah


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